Pain management session eight.


This week’s session was about medication. It was presented  by the pain management  specialist  nurse. Being a nurse prescriber myself, it was clear that she was highly  experienced,  knew what she was talking about and she was up to date with all the latest evidence. She also understood the myths. She was able to explain how these come about and the reasons they should be ignored, which was useful. 

She started by asking us what we were taking for pain, a few suggestions  were put forward. She explained  the different  groups of medication they come from, briefly how they worked and the side effects. 

The discussion  was informal and non specific but informative. She explained that there are no pain relief  treatments that would ever completely stop pain and you should  only expect about 50% efficacy.  I think most people  were surprised at this admission which demonstrates public expectations.

At the end of the talk she offered to speak privately with  anyone who had questions about  their own pain treatments. A few people took the opportunity to talk to her. 

We went on to do a form of yogic relaxation which focuses on anatomical  areas. I’ve done some guided relaxation. This was quite different but just as effective. Unfortunately I was having muscle  jerks all the way through. It’s a good job everyone had their eyes closed, otherwise it may have been a bit embarrassing.  

We finished with our exercise  session. I haven’t been able to increase the repetition due to the flare ups but I haven’t got any worse and nobody is judging our effort or ability. The exercise  is always a good giggle and nobody takes themselves too seriously.  

Only two weeks left now, it’s  gone so quickly,  I’ll  miss it when it ends!