Pain management session three

Goal setting

We started with a recap of pacing, planning and prioritising. I felt confident enough to tell the group what I had done. Nobody laughed and there were no moans or groans thankfully. A few of the others had also made some changes with unexpected success I think, which was great!

This weeks session started with a group session about goal setting. We talked about the types of goals people had. Various suggestions were made by the group including Going back to work; Starting exercise and going away on Holiday.

The aim of the session this week was about tolerance levels and how to achieve goals successfully. The idea is to start with low expectation and step up. This  is likely to ensure you are more successful. We discussed the acronym SMART to set goals. In order to achieve a goal successfully, it should be:-

Realistic and or relevant

We then spent a little time using these rules to set our own goal for the week. My goal was to continue using the “3Ps” strategy for my week. The only thing that would stop me achieving this would be if I had a flare. I had a bad day the next day on Tuesday which I thought may be a flare up, but it was just a bad day, so I have achieved my goal this week to avoid a flare up.

The last part of the session was our “circuit training”. I’ve put it in inverted commas because it was the gentlest exercise I’ve ever done. I am not complaining, on the contrary, the physio understood the group and the exercise that could be done by everyone, at whatever level they were at. The exercise included things like arm curls, sideways steps and marching.

Each of us set our own goal, then did each exercise for one minute with one minute rest. If we achieved; under achieved or over achieved the goal, it would then change for next week based on the result. Me being me, set my goal too high, I then, was determined to beat my own goal and as mentioned, ended up being in pain the next day. Stupid head!

The next session is about stress and mood and how these emotions affect pain. The psychiatrist wanted us to check in with our body and pay attention to breathing and physical symptoms when we feel stressed this week in order to discuss  at session four.