Pain management session ten.

Recap of learning and conclusion.

I couldn’t attend week 9 as I’d had another flare up so there is no review for that. Apologies!

Week 10 was our last week. Everybody bought cakes and biscuits, which we all enjoyed.

We started with recap of the things we’d learned. The leaders made and “interesting” diagram of a jigsaw puzzle in which they wrote the topics we talked about. It was a nice way of showing that everything we had learned needs to be done otherwise the “puzzle” is not complete. It demonstrated that you can’t just exercise without taking meds or doing some relaxation to control chronic pain. We enjoyed that, and had a little giggle at the same time thanks to the group jokers.

I had a one to one chat with the psychiatrist about the amount of flare ups I’m still getting and you can see my comments on my latest blog post “my next corner” which you can find here 

We had our weekly relaxation, breathing and exercise workout which everyone enjoys and takes part in but it’s not taken too seriously. 

I’ve really enjoyed the programme, I’ve learned some new skills and learned things about myself which has been an eye opener. As quite rightly pointed out, we have been given the skills and knowledge of what we need to do and have been wearing L plates, now we have to use them and wear our P plates. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend attending a pain management programme if you have any sort of chronic pain. I’ve really got a lot out of it and I think my fellow spoonies have too. 

The group exchanged Facebook contacts and we have set up a group so that we can keep in touch. It was well worth it. If nothing else you will make a few friends who are experiencing similar problems and who understand the problems you are going through. I’ll miss our meetings!