My light bulb moment!

My lightbulb moment

Flare ups of pain and fatigue have been my battle for 15 years. Until six months ago, I had good control. Then suddenly I didn\'t. I have increased pain with 3-4 day flare ups each week, So what could I do? I was taking my meds correctly and I knew about pacing, this was enough right?. I had done a good job until now.

I am on maximum doses of pain meds and my pain consultant has told me there is nothing more I can have. He suggested my only option is to reduce the flare ups and live with pain the rest of the time. He offered the pain management programme, which I have been reviewing and you can see that here  

If only!  was my reaction. I didn\'t know how and nobody seemed to have the answer. Having the time to research fibromyalgia properly, I\'ve spent time looking at other blogs, social media, forums and research papers.  Two weeks ago I was introduced to the 3Ps. (planning, prioritising and pacing). I soon realised that you cannot do one effectively, without the other two. My light bulb moment, I had to treat myself like a work project. I wouldn\'t go to work and just muddle through the best I could. I would have a strategy. This was what I needed at home too.

 A significant part of pacing, is working out your tolerance level which I have described here . So Last week I worked out my tolerance level for walking the dog (my exercise) and I mentally planned my week. The big important stuff like hospital appointments were already in my calendar. Those were my priorities. Next on my list was walking the dog; then preparing meals for my family; doing some work on my website was next; then housework. Once I had decided how the list was prioritised, I then planned, making sure that each day was equally weighted with activity, this was the pacing bit. Some days were harder than others due to symptoms, but I\'d allowed time for rest and of course mediation, which I have used at bed time for about five months.

Meditation has improved my sleep patterns. I will occasionally sleep all night. Mostly I get about four hours before I wake in pain, when the meds have worn off. I have had bad pain days and I have been exhausted as usual, but no flare up in the the last two weeks. Hoorah! I can\'t tell you what a relief it is to have a little control and a routine back. It is still very difficult to say if I will go back to work but I am in a routine that suits me at the moment and I am happy with that. 

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