More new drugs!

In 2014 I  was suffering  with  constant joint and muscle  pain. Regular  headaches were debilitating. Exhaustion made me feel physically  sick and fibro fog was pushing  me closer to the edge. Lyrica  was no longer working.  Despite  all of this I  was managing a full time job in which  my role  was changing. I was looking  after my home, although my husband Dean was doing much of the housework.  My kids somehow  looked after themselves. I was crawling in through  the  door after work and sleeping  for an hour or two, then making tea and spending the rest of the evening laying on the sofa. If I  had a migraine, I just went to bed until morning. I spent the weekends doing as little  as  possible in order to be capable  of working the next week.

Enough was enough.  I went back to my GP whom suggested Duloxetine.  Again I was willing to try anything. I knew it was liscenced for neuropathic  pain in fibromyalgia but I  also  knew there were horrible  side effects.

After the first day I  had a really  good  response  for pain  relief,  but during  the  first week I  had chills, sweats, nausea and loss of appetite.  I felt wretched but pain free again. Knowing that the side  effects wouldn\'t  last,  I  persevered. Good choice!

60mg at night was my starting dose. The pain killing effect lasted about six hours so I  was able to increase the dose to twice daily.   I\'d  stopped  the Lyrica   before starting Duloxetine  but a small dose of 100mg  was restarted as there seemed to be added benefit in the middle  of  the  day, when the Duloxetine  wore off.

So now I  am  taking  Duloxetine, Lyrica  and co-codamol.  You\'d  think I\'d have been completely out of it, but I  tolerated them well. I was managing work and home again and the kids had their Mum back. I felt good, although fatigue  and fog were still an issue.  I  was pacing myself and my diary became god. I set reminders on my phone for everything. It beeped, chimed, chirped and vibrated to remind me of everything including when to take my meds. I was still napping after work but it was more of a short power nap. I still had aches and pains but they were manageable and I  wasn\'t  having  any headaches, AT ALL.

I then took the decision  to  start my MSc in advanced clinical  practice.  Dean was worried that I was taking on too much, in hindsight he was right but me being me, I  knew best of course!