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It seems to me that education and empowerment are the keys to treating not only fibromyalgia but all other chronic conditions from diabetes and heart disease to cancer and life limiting conditions.  I would suggest that this is due to my career and education as a nurse practitioner in primary care.

The aim of my website and blog is to find and discuss licensed treatments, products and services  available on the NHS in the UK which are available to treat fibromyalgia. These may be biomedical, psychological or alternative treatments such as pain management programmes.

I had just had my second baby when I started getting symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). I just thought I was tired and achy because I had 2 small children under 3 years old. I shrugged it off and  thought it was normal to feel like that. However, It wasn\'t until I spoke to friends in similar situations that I realised it wasn\'t normal.  In the proceeding 15 years I have tried virtually everything to manage my progressive, aggressive and relentless pain.  You will find out about my experiences of  treatments such as acupuncture, medications and a pain management programme as well as many others, in my blog which you can find in the tabs above.

There are some strange ideas out there with little or no researched or anecdotal evidence to persuade me that they work, but it seems that still, people believe they do and if that\'s the case, then who am I to say otherwise.  I would never suggest that anybody is wrong. Everyone has \'their thing\' but I won\'t be able to comment on anything that I can\'t find good evidence for. I\'m sure however there are other bloggers out there who will be able to give that sort of advice and information.

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I am a registered nurse practitioner. I have worked in primary care for 17 years and have had fibromyalgia for 15 years. I am exhausted and in pain but positive there is something new around the corner.

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